Adamclisi Estates spread on a surface of 126 ha in the historical village of Adamclisi, in the south-eastern part of Romania.
The young and noble vineyard covers the terraced hills under the European protected designation of origin (P.D.O.) D.O.C. ADAMCLISI

The varietal selection was subject to a single criteria: quality.

We selected EU certified planting material provided by one of the most prestigious European nurseries, with special orientation to low-productivity clones. The setting up of the vineyards started in the spring of the year 2008 with the noble grape varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir.



Besides the quality, we must not forget the human factor: a great team of passionate professionals motivated to make great wines preserving the viticultural traditions with today´s technological approach.


Terroir – Emblem which confers to the wine the hallmark of individuality and uniqueness.

Soil, topography, micro-climate and, not at last, the vine-grower with his own vision on vine-growing ennoble the wine with personality, identity and character.


Adamclisi lies in the south of Dobruja, Romanian ancestral land. It´s guarded like a fortress by the rough branch of the Danube River, the Danube-Black Sea Channel and the endless Black Sea. The presence of these hydro-graphical coordinates constitutes a factor which molds the  micro-climate of the region by softening the nuances of highly accentuated continental climate. Hot and dry summers, cold, harsh and windy winters. This unique micro-climate ensures a favorable environment for the vine-growing.

Soil and topography

The soil texture is clayish, developed on loess and carbonate deposits which favour the making of high quality red wines.

The presence of the clay, the carbonate aggregates, as well as the location of more than 78% of vines on terraces and hills with slopes along, with the North-South orientation of the rows, subtly shape the personality of our wines.

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* To create high quality wines with personality and character;

* To merge tradition with the modern viticultural technology and the oenological innovative spirit of our times;

* To satisfy the taste and exigencies of the consumer and even of the most sophisticated connoisseurs;

* To help promote wine culture, respect for the land, tradition, quality and smart and responsible wine consumption


* To obtain unique wines of the highest quality and originality, fully respecting the real character and personality of the terroir.