In the year 102 AD, more than 1900 years ago, Adamclisi was the battlefield of the fierce fight between Getae-Dacians led by Decebalus and the Roman legions headed by Emperor Trajan himself. After the defeat in Adamclisi battle and as consequence of the Romans’ victory in the two Dacian wars, the Dacian territory was transformed into a Roman province – Dacia Felix, generous land renowned in Rome for its cereals and noble wines from Adamclisi…

To commemorate the Roman victories and in honor of Emperor Trajan, between 106-109 AD there was built the Tropaeum Traiani monument and fortress, emblematic vestiges of the history of the Romanian people which today are surrounded by our vineyards and may be visited and admired too.


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Geographic Coordinates

Adamclisi commune is situated in the south-eastern part of Romania, in the county of Constanţa, at 65 km of the city of Constanţa and the Black Sea shore. GPS Coordinates: 44º05´57” N – 27º57´08” E

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